CytoVac A/S is a biotechnology company that is developing a new method for treatment of cancer.

A treatment method that is based on the patient's own immune system. This treatment method is called ALECSAT therapy and is based on enabling the patient's own immune system to fight the cancer.

Applying the ALECSAT method, one can, from a blood donation from the patient, isolate, activate and cultivate specific cells from the immune system outside the patient’s body. These cells are then delivered back to cancer patient where they attack cancer cells and enhance the patient's immune system in the battle against cancer.

Good clinical data:

In the prostate cancer trials we are able to lower or stabilize Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) levels (a validated indicator of prostate cancer development) and in the Glioblastoma trial preliminary data suggest that most patients either show stable disease or even slight tumor regressions after treatment with ALECSAT!Read more


● The Danish Cancer Society/ Kræftens bekæmpelse    Cancergenetisk laboratorium, Strandboulevarden 49,

   2100 København Ø.

● Overlæge Dr. Med. Hans-Henrik Meyhof og

   Overlæge Lisa Andersen, Urologisk afdeling    

   Frederikssund  Hospital.

● Dr. Med Walter Fischer, associeret Professor,    

   Neurokirurgisk afdeling, Rigshospitalet,

   Copenhagen, Denmark.

● Overlæge Dr. Med. Henrik Harling og

   Læge Lars Tue Sørensen, Kirurgisk Afdeling K,

   Bispeberg Hospital, Denmark.

CytoVac A/S

Scion DTU forskerparken

Venlighedsvej 6

DK 2970 Hørsholm


Tlf: +45 45 57 22 45

Fax: +45 45 57 22 40


Management and Board of Directors

CEO: Martin Roland Jensen M.Sc. Ph.D.

CSO: Dr. Alexei Kirkin MD.Ph.D.

Chairman of the Board: Jørgen K Kimø

Boardmemeber: Bent Alsø

Boardmemeber: Pia Wolff-Sneedorff

Boardmemeber: Jarne Elleholm

CytoVac research and production facilities are located in the Scion-DTU Research Park at Hørsholm outside Copenhagen.

The dedicated GMP production facilities are approved by the Danish authorities for handling human cells and tissue.


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