The Human Immune System

Our immune system protects us throughout life – in most cases against infection, but also against our own cells, should they become ill or malfunctioning.

It is well known that the immune system can kill different cancer cells. Two types of cells play an important role, the Cytotoxic T cells (CTL) and Natural Killer (NK) cells.

Cytovac’s ALECSAT technology is an immunotherapy treatment and combined with the most efficient weapon – namely the body’s own unique defense system – used to treat the cancer disease.

The ALECSAT treatments are specifically designed to treat the individual patient containing solely the patient’s own activated cells.

Problem: Cancer patients suffer from a suppressed immune system and lack these specific cells to fight and kill the cancer.

Solution: Treat patients with NK cells and Cytotoxic T cells that are produced and activated ex-vivo.

With Cytovac’s unique technology it is feasible to isolate, activate and expand selected different cells from the patient’s own immune system. These ex-vivo activated cells will be reinjected back in the same cancer patient.

When these cells are reinjected into the same cancer patient, some of the cells will specifically attack the cancer cells, and other cells in the ALECSAT product will help to restore the patient’s immune system. Using the patient’s own cells is an autologous treatment and therefore, very few side effects have been seen in patients across the completed clinical studies.

The hypothesis is that this unique technology will enable the immune system to win the battle against cancer.

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