Partnership Strategy


  • Is an immunotherapeutic company dedicated to the discovery and development of novel immunotherapies to treat cancer with a primary focus towards orphan diseases.
  • Intends to develop each orphan oncology drug program to the highest value inflection point possible.
  • Will seek to enter into global development and license agreements with partners in all clinical phases, either based on results from the clinical programs or other new cancer studies.
  • Is open to explore the opportunity of merging cell-based technologies to further improve the treatment based on the ALECSAT technology, or the partner technology platform.
  • Performs also animal cancer experiments (mouse models) with academic partners.
  • Is looking for partners to its COVID-19 cell-based technology treatment (patent filed January 2021).
  • Have generated much clinical information from its glioblastoma multiforme trials which can support further clinical development programs.
  • Enter partnerships with companies seeking cell-based manufacturing capacity.
ALECSAT is manufactured on the basis of a blood donation from the individual patient – without the use of advanced and expensive techniques – leading to a rapid and easy production procedure.

The Danish Cancer Society

Bárður Sigurgeirsson MD, PhD. Assistant Professor of Dermatology University of Iceland

Arkadiusz Dudek, MD, PhD Professor
University of Illinois Cancer Center

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