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Adoptive Cell Therapy is a treatment method in which certain blood cells – the lymphocytes – are isolated from the patient. The cells are then modified, or ‘educated’, outside the body to recognize and kill tumor cells. The cells are subsequently cultivated and expanded so a very large number of active cancer fighting cells can be returned to the patient.

Several studies performed in the US and Europe on e.g. skin cancer (malignant melanoma) have shown adoptive cell therapy methods to be efficacious and gentle therapies. However, previously existing methods were very technically complicated and, also, very time-consuming and, hence, did not become used as general methods for cancer therapy.

Cytovac’s ALECSAT therapy represents an adoptive cell therapy method that is less technically complicated to perform, and not nearly as time-consuming. The finished product can be manufactured in only 20 days. Basically, a small blood donation is all that is required – no tumor material, no foreign peptides, proteins or genetically manipulated cells.

Today, Cytovac is already manufacturing ALECSAT on a routine basis for the treatment of patients participating in clinical trials aimed at developing better treatments for a variety of cancer forms.

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