The Therapy Procedure

A small sample of the patient’s blood will be taken for the Cytovac ALECSAT treatment procedure. Specific cells from the blood will then be isolated, activated and multiplied in millions. Following these procedures, the cells will be reinjected in the patient where they will assume a role as activated fighting cells, targeting cancer cells anywhere in the body. Studies have been conducted labelling the cells to track their migratory path in the patients to follow if the cells home to the tumors.

As a start, the patient receives 3 injections of the isolated, activated and expanded cells. Subsequent to this initiation, single treatments are repeated at 3-4 months’ intervals in an out-patient clinic. Each treatment implies the patient’s donation of a blood sample and 20 days later, the patient is given an injection of cells. These treatments will continue until control of the disease is achieved or – at best – there are no traces left of the cancer. Some patients have been given more than 15 treatments over several years.

Who can be treated?

Currently, patients can only be treated with ALECSAT in clinical trials at hospitals conducting our trials, whereas manufacturing of the ALECSAT product takes place at Cytovac’s dedicated production laboratories.

Only the patient’s doctor can refer patients to ALECSAT treatments. The company cannot provide treatments outside our clinical programs.

There are indications that ALECSAT will reactivate existing, but suppressed, immune system cells in the patient’s body; and then these cells may also become active in the fight against cancer cells.
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