ALECSAT therapy supplements and strengthens the patient’s immune system so it may fight the cancer cells in the same way as the body originally should have done. Since Cytovac only applies the patient’s own cells, this treatment is gentle and with only very few side effects.

ALECSAT therapy attacks the cancer cells in several ways as the cells recognize more than one property of the cancer cells. Hence, should the cancer cells change or should there be several different cancer cell types, all of them could be subject to attack and destruction by the cells used in the ALECSAT therapy.

Cancer cells exert inhibition on the immune system cells, but the ALECSAT cells are manufactured in production laboratories – away from the inhibiting effect of the cancer cells. Thus, ALECSAT products can also be manufactured for patients with immune systems that have been suppressed by the cancer.

Active fighting cells

The ALECSAT therapy will provide the patient with millions of active fighting cells, that can attack the cancer cells in the body; this may stop tumor growth and shrink the tumor. In addition, the most recent results from clinical trials performed by Cytovac indicate that the ALECSAT therapy may reactivate existing, but suppressed, immune system cells in the patient’s body; and, hence, these cells may also become active in the fight against the cancer cells.

Together these mechanisms may give the immune systems the possibility to win the fight against the cancer cells, and potentially stop or eliminate the cancer disease completely

Moreover, the ALECSAT therapy may also protect the patient against disease relapse. Because the product used in the ALECSAT therapy also contains ‘memory cells’, cells that may persist in the body and be prepared should new cancer cells develop, and such ´memory cells´ may effectively enter into the defense against new cancer cells.

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