About us

Cytovac has the key to immunotherapy

Cytovac is a growing Danish biotech company, focusing on development of a cancer treatment that uses the body’s own immune system.

Promising results gained by the dedicated research team over a number of years, have brought about the development of the ALECSAT therapy. ALECSAT is a therapy based on injection of activated cells from the immune system. These cells will attack the cancer cells and activate the immune system in the patients. As Cytovac solely apply the patient’s own cells, this therapy is gentle and without the serious side effects normally associated with cancer treatment.

Cytovac has been granted Orphan Drug Designation by the European (EMA) as well as the American (FDA) medicines agencies in support to the company’s brain-cancer project.

Cytovac has generated convincing data with the ALECSAT treatments in three clinical phase I trials targeted at treatment of prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer and brain cancer. So far more than 100 cancer patients have been treated, with more than 250 doses of ALECSAT.

So Cytovac has a platform that may prove to be an efficacious treatment for several types of cancer. Cytovac has since 2015 concentrated all clinical efforts on brain cancer, and here the company is currently conducting clinical phase II trials.

Cytovac is dedicated to treatment of cancer by using our key to immunotherapy.


Vision and conceptual framework


  • Cytovac will conduct research within the area of immunotherapy with the aim to develop new and better therapeutic options for the cure of cancer diseases.
  • Cytovac aims to develop new efficacious cancer treatments with considerably fewer side effects compared to conventional cancer therapies.

Conceptual framework

  • Cytovac will secure the financial foundation for further development and independence by developing products for diseases with unmet needs and, also, by entering into commercial partnership agreements.
  • In Denmark and internationally, Cytovac will cooperate with partners and with public and private institutions for developing, testing and commercialising drugs aimed at the treatment of cancer.