Partnership strategy

Cytovac is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of novel immunotherapies to treat cancer with a primary focus towards orphan diseases.

In general, Cytovac intends to develop each orphan oncology drug program to the highest value inflection point possible. Cytovac will seek to enter into global development and license agreements following clinical Phase II POC or later. For larger indications where substantial more resources are needed Cytovac might enter into global development and license agreements following Phase I or even earlier.

On a current basis Cytovac strives to establish a network of companies being possible development and license partners and/or possible M&A candidates.

Short term objectives are to enter into global development and license agreements for Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer with bone metastasis and Pancreatic Cancer.

On the back of positive results in the investigator-driven study in Triple Negative Breast Cancer we aim to enter into a collaboration agreement with a global player. The objective will be to combine ALECSAT with a checkpoint inhibitor.

Final data (overall survival) from the current Phase II study in brain cancer (Glioblastoma) is expected to be ready H1 2021. Assuming possitive results Cytovac will seek a global partner for the further development and commercialization.

ALECSAT is manufactured on the basis of a blood donation from the individual patient – without the use of advanced and expensive techniques – leading to a rapid and easy production procedure.

Orphan Drug Designation

There are a number of commercial advantages associated with the fact that Cytovac’s ALECSAT therapy project targeted at brain cancer has achieved Orphan Drug Designation.

The potential for obtaining faster marketing approval of ALECSAT that will result in longer time on the market.

Moreover, orphan drug designation also gives market exclusivity; 10-years in the EU market – and 7 years in USA. Furthermore, certain countries operate with reduced tax and reduced charges from regulatory authorities.


The patent covering Cytovac’s platform technology, ALECSAT, has been granted in all important regions like Europe, US, Japan and in addition in Australia and Singapore. Besides covering the technology and the manufacturing process the granted patents also cover second medical use or method of treatment. In the US, one divisional application covering method of treatment is pending.


A summary of the ALECSAT advantages

Adoptive Celle Therapies such as the ALECSAT therapy are well tolerated and have very few side effects.

ALECSAT has specificity for and recognises many different cancer-specific antigens.

ALECSAT will also be efficacious in patients with extremely inhibited immune defence mechanisms.

ALECSAT has three potential and combined modes of action:

  1. Direct cancer-cell destruction by way of the CTLs and NK cells administered via injection.
  2. Continued and persistent cancer-cell destruction as the ALECSAT cells will continue to divide into more new fighting cells.
  3. Reactivation of the patient’s immune defence may also lead to continued and persistent destruction of new cancer cells; potentially, also in case of recurrence of the disease.

The Danish Cancer Society


Bárður Sigurgeirsson MD, PhD. Assistant Professor of Dermatology University of Iceland


Arkadiusz Dudek, MD, PhD Professor
University of Illinois Cancer Center