The point of departure

Cytovac is a Danish biotech company in growth, focused on the development of a cancer treatment that uses the body’s own immune system. Each treatment is specifically designed for the individual patient, which is unique as compared with other immunotherapeutic treatment methods.

The promising results of the efforts, put in by our dedicated research team over a number of years, have brought about the development of the ALECSAT therapy. ALECSAT is a therapy based on the infusion of active cells from the immune system to the patients. These cells will attack the cancer cells and activate the immune system. As we solely apply the patient’s own cells, this therapy is gentle and without side effects.

Cytovac has attained Orphan Drug Status which signifies that European as well as American drug agencies support our brain-cancer project – with for instance consultancy and, also, we enjoy priority status with respect to approval.

Cytovac has achieved fine data from three clinical phase I trials targeted at the treatment of prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer and brain cancer.

So far, about 100 cancer patients have been treated, and – today – Cytovac is ready with a platform that may prove to be an efficacious treatment of several cancer types. We chose to concentrate our efforts on brain cancer, and here we are currently conducting clinical phase II trials.

At Cytovac, every single workday is dedicated to the combat of cancer; and we firmly believe to have found the key to immunotherapy.

Investing in Cytovac

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