Board of Directors

Peter Bonne Eriksen

Peter Bonne Eriksen holds a MSc in chemical engineering from the Technical University of Copenhagen, specialized in biotechnology. Further he has a bachelor degree in management and strategy development from Copenhagen Business School. He has for more than 15 years up until 2014 held senior vice president positions at Novo Nordisk within drug development and regulatory affairs, and has extensive experience in dealing with regulatory agencies world wide. He has been member of the board of EuropaBio. Peter Eriksen is the owner and founder of Peter Bonne Eriksen Consultancy providing advice and services to biotech companies.
Position Member of the board since 2016
Year of Birth 1952
Holding of shares in Cytovac AB
(as of Dec 31, 2020)
Other ongoing assignments Peter Bonne Eriksen does not have other assignments.
Previous Assignments (within the last 5 years) Corporate Ombudsman and Senior Vice President Regulatory Affairs at Novo Nordisk A/S.
Independent in relation to the company and its management Yes
Independent in relation to larger shareholders Yes

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