Alexei Kirkin

Alexei Kirkin is a co-founder of Cytovac A/S, and a Chief Scientific Officer of the Company. Alexei Kirkin is an internationally known scientist and has a long-lasting experience in cancer immunology and immunotherapy. Until 1992 he was employed as Associate Professor at the Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University. From 1992 to 2000 Alexei Kirkin was working as senior scientist at Danish Cancer Society. During 2001-2007 he was working as a Chief Scientific Officer in two other biotech companies. From 2008 and until now Alexei Kirkin is working at Cytovac A/S.
Position Chief Scientific Officer
Year of Birth 1949
Holding of shares in Cytovac AB
(as of Dec 31, 2020)
Other ongoing assignments
Previous Assignments (within the last 5 years)
Independent in relation to the company and its management Yes
Independent in relation to larger shareholders Is a shareholder in Baias ApS

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