Cancer-treatment technologies, in particular immunotherapeutic treatments such as the ALECSAT therapy, are proving to be effective and gentle treatments and therefore gaining ground.

Thus, in the past few years, many of the companies developing new immunologically-based cancer-treatment products have entered into collaboration agreements or have licensed out products and technologies.

To sum up, Cytovac issues a partnership invitation because:

A partnership will provide a new opportunitets and scope for development within existing and new disease areas.

The ALECSAT therapy can be used in combination with other cancer-treatment modalities and immunotherapies in demand by the industry. Combining a partner product with Cytovac´s product may provide an opportunity to offer superior treatment modalities to cancer patients.


Investing in Cytovac

Cytovac is on the threshold of being able to provide cancer patient treatment without adverse effects. In several clinical trials, the ALECSAT therapy has proved to be safe, well tolerated and without adverse effects.

The ALECSAT technology provides the patient’s own potential cancer-combating cells with an opportunity to grow and become active – beyond the cancer cells’ inhibiting and negative influence.

Cytovac has documented and shown the established production method to be efficient.

The Interim Report Q1 2019 is now ready in English and in Swedish

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