About us

Vision and conceptual framework

  • Cytovac conducts research into and develops new and better therapeutic options for the cure of cancer diseases.
  • Cytovac develops new efficatious cancer therapy methods with considerably fewer side effects as compared to conventional cancer therapies.
  • Cytovac will secure the financial foundation for further development and independence by developing of products for diseases with unmet needs and, also, by entering into commercial partnership agreements.
  • Cytovac and the company’s employees strive to maintain a high ethical level for all activities.
  • In Denmark and internationally, Cytovac will cooperate with partners and with public and private institutions to develop, test and commercialise drugs aimed at the treatment of cancer.
  • Cytovac will be an attractive work place for employees wishing to be a part of research and development at a high international level.
  • Cytovac protects its development results and products via patenting – but will be open in communication about our clinical and basic research results.

Partnership strategy

Cyotvac is actively targeting pharmaceutical companies, universities, patient organisations and other relevant players.

The company is confident that, exploitation of Cytovac’s scientific basis and results, and a future associate’s business and development strategies, this will take both parties to new levels and dimensions.

Provided that the quality of our clinical data continues at the current level, new associates may commence commercialisation of the ALECSAT therapy by the end of 2019.