Strengthening the board of Directors

Strengthening the board of Directors

28 Nov 2016

Mr. Per Falholt has joined Cytovac´s board of directors on September 1. and has hereby added significant new and important competences to the board. Mr. Falholt has background and a strong experience in research management from the biotechnology industry, as he the past 16 years has served as Executive Vice President of Novozymes R & D. Before that he was Senior Vice President and Director at Novo Nordisk. Besides Per Falholt’s board membership in Cytovac, he is also chairman of DTU and Vice President of DHI and CEO, Global R & D, Advisory Services.

As the newly appointed Executive Vice President at Novozymes Per Falholt helped the company go public in 2000, and its market value has risen from 10 bio. kr. to about 100 bio. kr. over the 16 years, Per Falholt was part of the company. During his time at the Department of Research & Development at Novozymes Per Falholt was responsible for the development of several unique biotechnological platforms.

“The addition of Per to our board will ensure that we will get the best possible guidance in our research activities and development strategies, and access to a very strong and extensive network of scientific research groups both nationally and internationally.”
Quote: Martin Roland Jensen.

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to step into Cytovacs board. I am very impressed with the company that has great potential. The continued development of ALECSAT therapy until approval is a journey that I am looking forward to be part of. ”
Quote: Per Falholt